The Trydon SolutionTM–dual technology at its best!

Start saving today with your existing metal halide lights

The Trydon Solution™ maximizes the service life of your existing metal halide lighting installation, reduces your energy consumption by nearly 50%, and eliminates maintenance costs for up to ten years. Our patented post top controller enables you to customize how you control your existing outdoor lights by selectively dimming or turning them off after hours. Yielding impressive rates of return and project payback timeframes of less than three years, new state-of-the-art halide lamps will significantly improve nighttime visibility of your dealership inventory.

Continue saving when you switch to LED lights

When LED price levels come down sufficiently to support your decision to switch to LED, get the most savings you can out of your lighting upgrade. Dimming your new LED lights after hours with our post top controller can reduce your total energy consumption by over 90%.

Save more with your new LED lights

The conversion you made to LED lights reduced your energy consumption by 60%. However, continuing to operate your new lights at full brightness all night simply wastes money. Dimming your lights with our post top controller can reduce your after-hours energy bill by 80%.

What does Trydon provide?

  • A phased approach to replace out-of-date probe start technology with state-of-the-art lighting
  • A process that allows you to customize how you control your outdoor lights for maximum energy savings
  • A practical means to maximize financial gain from your capital expenditures

What are Trydon's features and benefits?

  • Our proprietary ChaseLight™ feature is designed to discourage vandalism after normal business hours
  • Each pole can be programmed independently for maximum energy savings
  • Proprietary algorithm selectively dims and/or turns off light fixtures during non-business hours
  • Up to four lights of different wattages can be controlled by one controller
  • Maintenance-free controller automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
  • Patented post top controller supports all manufacturers’ shoebox-style light fixtures, pole sizes and shapes (U.S. Patent #9,538,613)
  • Optional wireless control can override regularly scheduled after-hour dimming to support special late-night sales events
  • Five-year product warranty plus three-year labor warranty
  • Made in the USA
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